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UMD Ethics Bowl Teams wins first and second place!: Congratulations to the Ethics bowl teams who came in first and second in the Ethics bowl competition in Baltimore, MD.   A winning team will compete in the Mid-Atlantic regional competition in South Carolina.   The story was covered in the...
Peter Carruthers in Cincinnati: Peter Carruthers gave the keynote address and the  Don Gustafson Memorial Lecture at a conference on inner speech at the University of Cincinnati.
Logan Fletcher in Sweden: Logan Fletcher gave a talk, "Mechanistic understanding, visual proof, and mathematical beauty", at the Workshop on Beauty and Explanation in Mathematics (WBEM) at Umeå University, Um...
Eric Pacuit at Dependence Logic Workshop: Eric Pacuit gave an invited lecture "Dependence and Independence in Social Choice" at the Dependence Logic Workshopin Amsterdam, March 3-6. 
Michael McCourt at CUNY Sentence Processing Conference: March 16, Michael McCourt presents a poster at the 27th CUNY Sentence Processing Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The poster reports joint work with Alexander Williams, Ellen Lau, Jeff Green and Ale...
Apr 19
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Philosophy Colloquium---Aidan Lyon, Wed, Apr 23 at 3:30pm, Skinner 1115
Philosophy Colloquium---John F. Horty, Wed, Apr 30 at 3:30pm, Skinner 1115
Cognitive Science Colloquium --- Aniruddh Patel , Thu, May 8 at 3:30pm, BPS 1208
NASSLLI 2014, Mon, Jun 23 at , University of Maryland