Aleks Knoks
Graduate Student
AOS: Philosophical Logic, Epistemology (Traditional and Nontraditional Formal)
Office: SKN 1107C
I'm a doctoral candidate in the Philosophy Department at the Univeristy of Maryland. My most recent and most representative work draws on formal methods 
(defeasible logic and abstract argumentation) to tackle some open problems in core epistemology and philosophy of normativity, including 
  •  the puzzle about misleading higher-order evidence,
  •  the issues at the core of the debate about the normativity of rationality, and
  •  the self-defeat problem for conciliatory views on disagreement.
Before coming to Maryland, I did an MA philosophy in my home country Latvia and an MSc in logic at ILLC, Amsterdam. 
In the Academic Year 2018-9, I'm a visiting researcher in the Philosophy Department at the Humboldt University of Berlin.


  •  Knoks A., Pacuit E. (2015): Deliberating between backward and forward induction reasoning: first steps. In: Ramanujam R. (ed.) Proceedings of the 15th conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK XV): 153–61. 
  •  Uckelman S.L., Alama J., Knoks A. (2014): A Curious Dialogical Logic and Its Composition Problem. In: Journal of Philosophical Logic, 43(6): 1065–100
  •  Knoks A., Skilters J. (2012): Logic in Latvia. In: Schumann A. (ed.) Logic in Central and Eastern Europe: History, Science and Discourse. University of America Press.
  •  Alama J., Knoks A., Uckelman S.L. (2011): Dialogue Games for Classical Logic. In: Giese M. and Kuznets R. (eds.) TABLEAUX 2011: Workshops, Tutorials, and Short Papers, Technical Report IAM-11-002 (Universitaet Bern): 82-6.
Winter 2017
PHIL170 Introduction to Logic
Winter 2016
PHIL170 Introduction to Logic
Fall 2015
PHIL370 Symbolic Logic