Aleks Knoks
Graduate Student
AOS: Philosophical Logic, Epistemology (Traditional and Formal), Normativity
Office: SKN 1101


I'm a doctoral candidate at the UMD Philosophy Department. My most recent work tackles questions in core epistemology and philosophy of normativity drawing on formal methods (primarily, logic). Before coming to UMD, I did an MA in philosophy in my home country Latvia---here's where it is---and an MSc in logic at ILLC, Amsterdam.



[1] Knoks A., Pacuit E. (2015): Deliberating between backward and forward induction reasoning: first steps. In: Ramanujam R. (ed.) Proceedings of the 15th conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK XV): 153–61. 

[2] Uckelman S.L., Alama J., Knoks A. (2014): A Curious Dialogical Logic and Its Composition Problem. In: Journal of Philosophical Logic, 43(6): 1065–100

[3] Knoks A., Skilters J. (2012): Logic in Latvia. In: Schumann A. (ed.) Logic in Central and Eastern Europe: History, Science and Discourse. University of America Press.

[4] Knoks A. (2012): Abnormality Counts! In: ILLC Publications, Master of Logic Thesis (MoL) Series, MoL-2012-16.

[5] Alama J., Knoks A., Uckelman S.L. (2011): Dialogue Games for Classical Logic. In: Giese M. and Kuznets R. (eds.) TABLEAUX 2011: Workshops, Tutorials, and Short Papers, Technical Report IAM-11-002 (Universitaet Bern): 82-6.

Winter 2017
PHIL170 Introduction to Logic
Winter 2016
PHIL170 Introduction to Logic
Fall 2015
PHIL370 Symbolic Logic