Dissertations in Progress

Michael Dascal: “Riding an electron: Towards a new interpretation of quantum theory.” Advisor: Jeff Bub

Javiera Perez-Gomez: “Disadvantage in Context: From Microaggrressions to Healthcare Policy.” Advisor: Sam Kerstein

Moonyoung Song: “Explanations in Aesthetics.” Advisor: Jerry Levinson

Jimmy Licon: “Epistemological Challenges to Moral Realism.” Advisor: Peter Carruthers

Mike McCourt: "Semantics, pragmatics and modularity: an essay on the psychology of language use." Advisor: Alexander Williams

Kyley Ewing: “The Passage and Direction of Time in the Block Universe.” Advisor: Allen Stairs

Julius Schönherr: “Mindreading for cooperation: a moderately minimalist approach.” Advisor: Peter Carruthers

Heather Adair: “Understanding through Affect.” Advisor: Peter Carruthers

Charles Barclay: “Formal Tools in the Law.” Advisor: Jeff Horty

Aleks Knoks: “Defeasible rationality.” Advisor: Jeff Horty