Christopher W. Morris
Professor & Chair
AOS: Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Practical Rationality
Office: 1125 Skinner Building

Christopher Morris (PhD, University of Toronto) is Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department. He is also a faculty member of the Committee on Politics, Philosophy, and Public Policy and was an Affiliated Research Scholar of the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy. His interests are in moral and political philosophy, practical ethics, legal theory, and the theory of practical rationality. Some of his current research develops the implications of his book An Essay on the Modern State for international affairs and world order and, in particular, legitimacy. Other topics include justice and reasons for action and a number of questions about moral standing.

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Fall 2015
PHIL209J Philosophical Issues: The Rights and Wrongs of Killing People
Fall 2014
PHIL848N Seminar in Ethics: Moral and Political Philosophy
Fall 2013
PHIL209J Philosophical Issues: The Rights and Wrongs of Killing People
Spring 2013
PHIL209J Philosophical Issues: The Rights and Wrongs of Killing People