Mark Engelbert
Graduate Student
AOS: Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Biology
Office: SKN 0139

My primary interests are in the philosophy of mind/cognitive science and the philosophy of biology. I'm especially interested in processes of cognitive development, including questions about the development of language, causal/explanatory reasoning, mental-state attribution (Theory of Mind), and essentialist thinking. My dissertation focuses on explanatory practices in psychology, linguistics, and biology, in particular the role that the concept of innateness plays in these domains. 

Other interests include the nature of scientific debate and how laypersons and experts should regard disagreement (particularly when controversies pertain to morally or politically important issues). I'm also interested in various topics in ethics, especially those having to do with race, gender, and the moral status of non-human animals.  

I teach courses in contemporary moral issues, environmental ethics, race, and bullshit (please do ask me about my bullshit class sometime).

On the non-academic side, I enjoy marathoning, gardening, and wishing my wife would let me get a dog so I could include playing with my dog among my non-academic activities.