Distinguished University Professor
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, Quantum Cryptography, and Quantum Computation
Office: 1102B Skinner, 4227 CSS
Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Epistemology, Ethics
Office: 1122B Skinner Building
History and Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Artificial Intelligence
Office: 1102A Skinner Building
Executive Director, Honors College
Moral Psychology, Applied Ethics, Feminist Theory
Office: 1114 Anne Arundel Hall
Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Action
Office: Skinner 1011A
Email: pg@umd.edu
Philosophical Logic, Practical Reasoning
Office: 1101 Skinner Building
Ethics, Bioethics, Kant
Office: 1106 Skinner Building
Distinguished University Professor
Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Music, Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Mind
Office: 1108C Skinner Building
Assistant Professor
Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Science
Office: 2120 Skinner Building
Jewish Philosophy, Spinoza, Modern Philosophy, Medieval
Office: 1122A Skinner Building
Associate Professor
Moral and Political Philosophy
Office: 1107B Skinner Building
Professor & Chair
Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Practical Rationality
Office: 1125 Skinner Building
Assistant Professor
Logic, Social Choice Theory, Game and Decision Theory, Formal Epistemology
Office: 1103A Skinner Building
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Linguistics
Office: 1417B Marie Mount Hall
Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Linguistics
Office: 1109 Skinner Bldg.
Associate Professor
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Office: 1120A Skinner Building
Professor & Associate Chair
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy of Religion
Office: 1126 Skinner Building
Associate Professor
Semantics, Philosophy of Language, Syntactic Theory
Office: 1401 Marie Mount Hall