PHIL408R     Topics in Contemporary Philosophy: Rational Choice
Semester:Spring 2013
Instructor: Eric Pacuit
Room:SKN 1115
Meeting Times:1:00pm - 1:50pm

Rational choice theory, the core of the economic approach to human behavior, has become an influential approach in all of the social sciences. What makes individual actions rational? Rational choice theory offers a very simple answer: actions are rational if they reflect the maximizing of a consistent preference ordering.

This theory, as it has been developed over many years, is now very detailed and complicated.  One measure of the success of rational choice theory, perhaps, is for how long it has been able to withstand criticism.   Recent developments, especially in behavioral economics, however, have succeeded in putting the standard model under pressure.   In this course, we will present the theory of rational choice and   also examine different objections to the standard model of rational choice.