PHIL370     Symbolic Logic
Semester:Fall 2013
Instructor: Max Bialek
Room:MMH 1304
Meeting Times:1:00pm - 1:50pm

A review of propositional and predicate logic and related topics and an introduction to the semantics and metatheory of first-order logic.

This course will introduce students to the meta-theory of logic---the analysis \emph{of} a logic as opposed to analysis \emph{with} a logic---and train them to be comfortable with the formal style used to talk about logic outside of an introductory course. The logics whose meta-theory we will be studying are Propositional Logic, Modal Logic, and First Order Logic. Propositional and First Order Logic should be familiar to students who have take PHIL170, and many topics glossed in PHIL170, like the soundness and completeness of those logics, will be part of the focus of this course. Modal Logic makes appearances throughout sub-fields of philosophy like epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and ethics, and the introduction in this course to Modal Logic and its meta-theory will leave students better prepared for advanced work in those subjects.

My office hours will be W 2pm-4pm (right after class) in SKN 1103B.