PHIL230     Philosophy of the Arts
Semester:Fall 2013
Instructor: Jerrold Levinson
Room:TYD 2106
Meeting Times:11:00am - 11:50am

This course has the following aims: (1) To survey and critically examine some important theoretical perspectives on art from Plato to the present.  (2) To frame general questions about the nature, function, value and limits of the arts, and to initiate reasoned answers to them.  (3) To clarify some notions crucial to thinking about art intelligently, notions such as work of art, form, content, expression, representation, style, medium, interpretation, realism, creativity, aesthetic experience, and aesthetic value.  (4) To identify distinctive features of the arts, especially the visual arts, in the 20th century, and to assess their impact on attempts to theorize about art.  (5) Lastly and most importantly, to provide students with the intellectual background and analytic skills to refine their own philosophical ideas about the arts.